battling with thoughts, I’m getting back my ME time and run the usual laps. Unspoken words might materialize into a written letter, but now l keep my thoughts to myself. Realizing the power of what l can create would usually give calmness, just as a finished run gives. Not this time. Wind blowing my mind still keeps the heartbeat loud and clear, l try to listen to music, but opt for the silence and a wish to keep running. There was a special dedication for a special race, now seems even more unrealistic as it was when decided to register. Never signed up for it though, only a promise never kept. #thereisnofinishline ______________________


Runners and the elevator(selfie)


Runner in an elevator? Should never be. But in the the other hand… How else would runners be able to take selfies?
Lets pretend that we only use elevator as an option when in urge to photo ourselves. LIFTSIE
Healthy biatches rulez!!

Wearing: YSL sunnies, HM shirtdress, Nike flyknit airmax, Stella McCartney for Adidas tote, Isabel Marant and COS bracelets