Me neither


like l feel


A day off


Today is OFF. Rehab for these legs.
Listening to Stolen Dance from Milky Chance, but l shouldn’t talk about it, heh:).

Sunday was a 2 a day, also testing day. Testing these shoes pictured, testing me as a guest coach – felt awesome privileged -, and testing my mood swings.
Shoes got superdirty, coaching was awesome, even mood swings were good, perhaps the good finale helped a lot. Finale for the day only.

Nike zoom reflectives for the winter, for the guys and the girls, run together, shine together!

Mind & heart game


When overhearing runners’ conversation there is always some talk about the mind game. But is running a mind game only?
Gyakusou having the hate/love line definitely points toward the side effects of the play of mind.
There is loverun time.

Listening some music to ease the mind/heart and to calm the legs, they are already ready for another run. Roudoudou and MO on loop.

Nike lunarglide6 currently considered hated, it feels heavy although l love how pretty it is. Here you go heart game for the design concsious me.